Alas, many memories disappear and perhaps when life has filled the memory, spaces limit the recovery of gestures, words and facts that have consolidated my life.

When one lived in contact with people who donate, to their credit, part of human knowledge, one should keep that knowledge in order to then nurture it and share it back with future generations.

This happens to me often, to regenerate in order to donate, to repurpose a message while learning and deepening its concept.

My art teachers are all present in me but one in particular, Maestro Armando Renzi, struck me in such a way that really left a sign. Sound emerged from any of His manifestations: an extemporaneous improvisation, the anxious writing or the correction of a manuscript, the excited voice singing one part out of a five part counterpoint, the suggestions, the alchemy of intuition... in short, a great universe in movement which is still free in my mind. Thanks Maestro, despite the passage of time, you still live in the heart of us musicians.“

M° Maurizio Furlani