Armando Renzi, the last great true “musician” of the glorious Roman School.
He only had one shortcoming: he was not a “salesman”, as many others.
I am gladly at your disposal so that the Pianist, the Composer, the Conductor of both orchestra and Choir, the generous teacher, the Academic of Santa Cecilia can be remembered.
For the thoroughness of his music knowledge in all its forms, he was wonderful and tireless teacher.
His lessons will be memorable in the hearts of those students who had the fortune of having him as their teacher, demanding yes, but with great communication skills.
In 1960, he won the Contest held by the Vatican, and with his Curriculum Vitae so filled of titles, he was unanimously appointed new Maestro of the glorious and centuries-old Giulia Chapel.
When the Chapel was terminated by the end of 1979, after twenty years of many great, educational, suggestive and solemn compositions such as “Dixit”, “In Exitus”, “Beati Omnes”, the Magnificat, the “Offertori”, the “Cantici”, the “Vespri” and many other almost daily compositions, he never complained, accepting the closing of the Chapel and the “termination” with dignity as always by his lifestyle.
That event unfortunately shook his strong being, causing its decline right through his death.
“Iustorum Animae in manu Dei sunt” was one of his magnificent “Offertory” which accompanied Maestro Armando Renzi at his funeral that was solemnly celebrated in St. Peter in June 1985.

G. B. Salvatori
Singer Archivist Cappella Giulia
St. Peter in the Vatican