Sanctam per Saecula

Sanctam per Saecula

2015 year of the centenary of the birth of Armando Renzi

2015 will be the centenary of Armando Renzi’s birth, musician of great relevance whose activity spanned almost the entire 1900 as Composer, Pianist, Organist, Conductor and Choirmaster, Teacher of several Music Disciplines in various Italian Conservatories of Music, Teacher of Composition at Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Director of the Cappella Giulia in the Vatican, Academic of Santa Cecilia.

This year is also the thirtieth anniversary of his death and to honor his memory we, the children and grandchildren of Armando Renzi, would like to remind him to all who have been his friends and who esteemed and appreciated his uncommon gifts as Musician and Man, which he tireless dispensed throughout his lifetime.

For this purpose, we join in unanimous and indelible memory his dearest pupils, who are today valuable men of Culture and irreplaceable Maestros, Conductors, Pianists or Composers or Teachers, by asking them for written recollections so that their Master will also stay alive in the hearts of their own pupils.


Homage to Armando Renzi at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Rome April 12, 2013



Written accounts by Friends and Colleagues

Written accounts


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