I can wholeheartedly say that it was an encounter with Maestro Armando that shifted my composition studies from the level of technique to that of music, from theory to creation. For me, at the time very much trapped in a reserved and apprehensive personality, filled with insecurities and perplexities, my encounter with him was foremost an incentive to discover my potential and to enhance it. Due to my inclination to learn by experience rather than by abstract speculation, it was a real godsend, for the quick completion of my composition studies, the quantity of direct creative impressions that the Maestro so generously offered.

Obviously, such impressions were founded on solid and deep knowledge of the techniques and the rules along with his passionate humanity, never absent in his relationship with his students. Armando Renzi: an engine always on, a constant stimulus to do more and better.

Giovanni Piazza
Composer, Conductor, Teacher
July 2014


Homage to Armando Renzi at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Rome April 12, 2013



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