“My husband, the conductor Cesare Croci and I, Daniela Morelli, pianist and teacher at the Conservatory Santa Cecilia of Rome, were both fond pupils of Maestro Armando Renzi. My father Guglielmo Morelli, violist, and the Maestro knew each others since childhood. I met him when I was very young and for many years, along with my husband, he guided us on the road of music art with passion, love, energy and joy, the way he only knew how. All the musical Rome of the time moved around the figure of the Maestro, genious composer and pianist. Everyone wanted his teaching and he gave and told everything about music to us devoted students.
Thank you Maestro.”

Daniela Morelli
Pianist, Teacher


Homage to Armando Renzi at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Rome April 12, 2013



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Written accounts


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